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The best places to dive around the world

The ocean covers roughly 70% of the world’s surface and offers almost limitless opportunities to explore a completely alien environment. Discover intricate marine ecosystems and wonder at the myriad of underwater species you’ll encounter when you learn to dive. Once you’ve gained your PADI qualification, you’ll be set to start your oceanic adventures so we thought we’d bring you some of the best dive sites to travel to around the world.

Image courtesy of Jetske

Barrier Reef – Belize

It is the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, and the second largest in the world. As well as fantastic reef life to get amongst while diving in these waters, there are also a number of wrecks that make for some unique diving. For dedicated divers, all sorts of treasures and beautiful sights can be found amongst the intricate coral formations that the endless stretch of Barrier Reef sustains.

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Image courtesy of Steve Evans

Barrier Reef – Australia

This is well documented as being the largest coral reef system in the world - it stretches over 2,600 kilometres, encompassing 900 islands and over 2,900 individual reefs. It is located off the coast of Queensland, Australia, and can be seen from outer space. It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and a world heritage site. It hosts an enormous variety of sea and coral life and provides amazing diving for both beginners and experienced scuba divers. In short, it’s pretty special.

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Toliar Barrier Reef – Madagascar

Made up of barrier and fringing reefs, shallow lagoons and abyssal slopes, the Toliara reef system is the third largest coral reef system in the world. Supported by Madagascar’s south-western coast, the reef beholds an awe-inspiring number of marine species with more than 6,000 species recorded. Commercial demands on the reef have dramatically increased in recent years though meaning conservation efforts focused on sustainability are more important than ever on preserving this magnificent habitat.

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Video courtesy of Frontier Tanzania

Mafia Island – Tanzania

Due to its ideal position as part of Africa’s eastern coast reef system, Mafia provides the perfect place for both novice and experienced divers. The islands offers clear and protected waters with a complex system of reefs including the world-class Kinasi Pass Wall. The reef structure is made up of unusual variations of current and water temperatures, which aids species biodiversity in the area and helps keep the marine ecosystem resilient.

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Koh Tao – Thailand

Koh Tao is on the tourist trail of Thailand, and boasts a number of dive sites which host a vast array of marine life living in the coral reefs and pinnacles. Often larger life forms cruise by, such as whalesharks, barracuda, sharks and turtles which would make for a very exciting dive. Often people who have never put on a wetsuit and oxygen canister flock to Koh Tao to learn how to dive as there are many affordable dive packages, and the water is crystal clear with accommodation often a stone’s throw from the beach. Sounds perfect!

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Straits of Gubal – Egypt

The Straits of Gubal offer plenty of wreck diving. There are four famous wrecks of Abu Nuhus, the Ships’ Graveyard which you can visit while at the Straits of Gubal. The Red Sea is famous for both the amount of wrecks and hard coral garden reefs in its water, which makes for a stunning location to have a variety of dives in extremely clear water that allows you to see the beautiful reef colours perfectly.

Video courtesy of Frontier Fiji

Garden of Eden – Fiji

This dive site is in the Yasawa islands and is a coral garden that can be experienced on its own or as an extension to larger dive sites nearby. The Garden of Eden is made up of slopes of fringe reef and spurs of coral jutting out at angles. It is a gentle but invigoraing dive, with extraordinary colours and plenty of schools of parrotfish or turtles cruising about. It also boasts one of the largest plate corals in Fiji.

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