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Bucket List: Italo Marzotto

Italo from Italy took part in the Frontier London Conservation NGO Internship at the end of last year and kindly wrote up his top 5 things to do before he kicks the bucket before he left. A little bit of everything this bucket list will take you from Norway to Cuba so get ready to be inspired!

Image courtesy of Paolo Camera

1, Kayaking in the Norwegian fjords

I love kayaking; I find it a perfect way to explore new lands. Norwegian fjords are, to me, a mysterious place: I want to explore it, paddling all around!

Image courtesy of Mei Burgin

2, Iceland natural spa’s tour

Natural hot water in the middle of ices, fluorescent reflections and healthy relax for an unbelievable journey in the country populated by ancient pixies: I hope to meet some of them!

Image courtesy of Frontier's Peru Machu Picchu Adventure project

3, Peru: Inca trail to Machu Picchu

I always dreamed to trek on Incas trails, plunging into their culture, walking through the rest of their power, breathing new world lands air, going up to the 2,400 meters ruins.

Learn about how you could climb Machu Picchu with Frontier.

Image courtesy of flippinyank

4, Visit Cuba, before Castro’s death

I really want to experience, in the immediate future, what Cuba is like, in all the controversies of an heavy political tradition, which contributes to strengthen the appeal of this island.

Image courtesy of Frontier's Maldives Marine Conservation project

5, Frontier Maldives Marine Conservation

If I could only choose one Frontier project it would probably be Maldives Marine Conservation project, because I think it is the best way to learn how to enjoy entirely a paradisiacal marine environment such as Maldivian one.

Learn more about Frontier's Maldives Marine Conservation project.

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