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Our Favourite Moments from Africa

We haven’t come across anyone who watched Africa and didn’t enjoy it and everyone seems to have a favourite moment from this latest BBC nature series. Here at Frontier London HQ everyone has their own moments which had them either smiling or that left them in awe.

Giraffe fight

Image Courtesy of silentcow

The epic slow motion fight between two male giraffes captured the imagination of Volunteer Advisor – Petros and our UK Operations Intern - Rich – ‘I was on the edge of my seat willing the old giraffe to beat the young one, and in glorious slow motion, he did!’

Unusual Beach Sights 

The sight of African animals walking along the beach was one of our Journalism Interns’ – Jenny's - favourite moments; ‘It was so unusual to see and it seemed like some of the animals were just there for a family day out, relaxing on the beach just as we would’.


Baby Turtles

Image Courtesy of volunteer Hayley Woods
Costa Rica Big Cats, Primates & Turtle Conservation 

The turtles fight for survival is a very popular moment from the series and was mentioned by several people in the office. It had everything – the struggle, the unfortunate ones and the success stories. The team didn’t shy away from showing us the harsh reality of the babies that didn’t make it but we were all left hopeful after we saw the effort local people were going to, to make sure as many of the turtles as possible were making it down to the sea. 

Sand Storm 

Image Courtesy of Jean & Nathalie 

Another moment popular with a few in the office was the sand storm in the Sahara. Dedication on the part of the film crew meant we were able to see this amazing scene without having to leave our chairs!

Rhino meeting 

Image Courtesy of Derek Keats

One of Frontier’s Volunteer Co-ordinators – Sophia - enjoyed getting a rare glimpse into the night life of the rhinos as we watched them meeting around a waterhole at twilight. She thought it was great that we were able to see thatthey’re actually more sociable than we thought’.

The Conservation Efforts 


Image Courtesy of Imogen McCormick Matthews
South Africa Field Guide Course  

Our other Online Journalism Intern - Ellie - found the interaction with the rhinos in the last episode the most interesting. Project Development Intern - Theo - agreed, adding that he enjoyed the poignancy of showing a rhino walking in front of the city. Our Online Content Editor – Maria - also found the last episode most inspiring. She said “Working for a conservation organisation it’s an inspiration and support to see others also working to achieve the same larger goals in Africa.”

We all hope that the popularity of series such as Africa will raise the profile of the need to conserve Africa’s stunning wildlife. It is important for Africa to succeed in developing sustainably without losing its famous wild edge. This is an important philosophy that Frontier follows. Our aim is to reduce human-wildlife conflict and work with local communities to conserve endangered wildlife and habitats at the same time as building sustainable livelihoods for communities in some 
of the world's poorest countries.

If the series has inspired you to do your bit for Africa then why not consider one of our projects – help to conserve marine life (including turtles) or wildlife in Tanzania or Madagascar, experience the Big 5 in South Africa’s game reserves or help the communities in Kenya.