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Free teaching placements

Teaching abroad is an incredibly rewarding experience, one which will not only stay with you for a lifetime, but one which can boost career prospects, by showing employees that you’re dedicated, rounded, and a cultured individual.

Image courtesy of Frontier's Cambodia Teaching project. 

Teaching projects can offer an exchange to volunteers where they gain a privileged insight into a unique culture, one which you might not necessarily be able to grasp from the eyes of a tourist. By teaching, you not only get to know the children in your class but you will also get an in depth view into how they live - the differences or similarities between your home and theirs will be completely transparent. You will be learning on the job by gaining experience into teaching, and also how teaching and living abroad compares to the way things are done at home.

One thing that often stops people taking up the opportunity to teach abroad is the amount of money it costs. If this is the case then fundraising is advised to try and close that last bill. However, if you choose to do one of these projects you will not have to worry about costs. Frontier is now offering FREE teaching abroad placements to worthy candidates. The projects are based in China and Thailand with the main aim of providing these countries with better English lessons. The lucky candidates will be expected to bring new and interesting lesson techniques to the classroom, with the individual looking to make a real difference to the school of which they are situated. Frontier’s free teaching placements will be an incredible experience, a truly once in a lifetime moment, which if accepted will be the highlight on your CV. 


With so much to see and do in Thailand it can sometimes be overwhelming and hard to choose what to do. Immerse yourself in the Thai culture, whilst partaking on a unique trip which will see you grow as a person, but more importantly as a well-developed teacher- who has perfected their trade.

The Thailand free teaching placement is only offered to the best, and begins with an intense 2 weeks training program, to ensure you’re up to the teaching standard of which they require. The placement lasts 6 months and begins in the middle of April and the start of October.  


China is one of the oldest nations in the world; filled with rich history, it’s a place which is certain to change your outlook on life, filling you with spiritual mellowness, and an abundance of unique traditions. China has one of the biggest populations on earth and has a guaranteed versatility.

The training scheme in China will be more intense than Thailand, with a month’s worth of gearing up to do for the job. This is to include teacher training and an introduction into the culture of Chinese life.

There are special requirements for these outstanding projects; you have to be aged between 21 and 50, who has a bachelor’s honours degree, and English has to be your first language. Both projects will give you a TEFL qualification in teaching English as a foreign language. 

Find out more about Frontier's FREE China and Thailand teaching projects. 

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