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Getting the wheels into motion

Organising a volunteering or traveling trip abroad can often take a lot of time, with multiple errands needing consideration. Initiating the wheels, starting the engine and getting the idea moving can be an extremely difficult process; idea to reality is the first hurdle to get over. To follow are certain factors which need to be considered, aiming to compile them down on paper in a list to help you overcome them.

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Finding the time to enter on an adventure like this is one of the biggest problems. However, it’s often misunderstood that these projects need to have an extended period of time put aside in order to participate. This is not true, because volunteering projects can begin from as short as two weeks. Even if you haven’t taken a gap year and only have the standard 28 days of paid holiday from work, then you can still give back by flying yourself to an exotic location and volunteer. Time is an issue, which if thought about properly, can be conquered. Planning ahead is key to the success of a trip, think to the future in order to surpass this obstacle. Picking the right time is crucial.



Money is a key attribute which will be the decider. Finding the money to go on a volunteering or traveling expedition is a hard process, but many people are unaware that fundraising is a common medium many volunteers put in place, in order to go on their dream adventure. This is a legitimate way to gain those essential few pounds needed to pay off your last outstanding bill. People are more than willing to hand over their cash if it’s going to a good cause, and giving back to impoverished communities in the developing world, is an ideal fundraising project.


Is it going to be worth it?

The all important question; is it going to be worth it? You only need to read our volunteering stories on this blog to gain the answer. Volunteering projects and travelling are often described as the best experience you will ever come across in your life. Volunteering can add structure and meaning to travel, not only are you learning and growing as a person, but you’re also helping the local communities of which you’re situated. Travelling is known to be an experience which will stay with you for life, because of the generic ‘finding yourself’ persona which many of us nomads go through when we’re abroad. You are the only one who is capable of answering this question, and this will happen once your trip has finished. However, the majority of travelers would suggest that it’s one of the best things they have ever done and are often left with the bug, craving for that day they will return. 


If you need some inspiration, then there is no where better to look than Frontier's volunteering projects page. It will show you what is on offer and hopefully begin to sculpt your ideal trip. 

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