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Bucket List: Nick Packham - Cambodia Country Coordinator

As country coordinator for Frontier Cambodia Nick has been busy overseeing the site set up on the island of Koh Smach. When not getting camp ready for 2013 volunteers, Nick has been musing his Top 5 things to do before he kicks the bucket. Get some inspiration for your own list here.

Image courtesy of Benh Lieu Song

1.Walking safari on the Masai Mara / Siria Plateau

Experience the walking safari on the Masai Mara / Siria Plateau. This would be a real primitive experience, walking alongside some of earths most charismatic and mystical creatures as man once did thousands of years ago.

Image courtesy of Ramada Pacific Hotels

2.Visit Alaska

Alaska is one of the wildest places on earth where much of the land is rarely explored. I'd like to throw on the thermals and head into bear and wolf country. Inspired by the film ' Into the Wild' Known as one of the wildest places on earth I'd like to test my survival skills any enjoy the views.

Image courtesy of Jim Linwood

3.Take the Trans-Siberian railway

Russia is a massive country and Siberia and Mongolia have great scenery, and there is no better way of seeing all this than riding the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to China. Being the longest train route in the world travelling across a variety of landscapes and countries hopping off to look for Tigers in Siberia and great temples in Mongolia.  


Image courtesy of Maestro_AU

4. Travel Latin America on a motorbike

I'd like to follow in the footsteps of Che Guivara and travel parts of Latin America on motorbike, starting off in Argentina, going through Chile and Peru to Venezuela. Every South American country seems very different from next and this adventure field the flames for a great revolution. There must be some great cultural experiences to be had.

Image courtesy of Arian Zwegers

5. See Angkor Wat

I've been fascinated by Angkor Wat for years, not only because of its ancient history being assembled in the 12 century but also because of its location and cultural significance. Back in the early 20th century it was only really accessible by trekking on elephant back. Now it's still quite tricky to get to but what you put in with effort you get more than enough back amazement.  

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