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Road trips and volunteering

Road trips have been immortalised in films and literature as a classic and legendary way of travel. Jack Kerouac’s On the Road is constantly rated as one of the best books for travel inspiration and blamed for biting many with the bug to start their own adventures. Even Britney Spears had a road trip moment in 2002 with her film release Crossroads, where in classic road trip style three girls learn life lessons and find themselves along the way.

Concluding the road trip as the definitive way of travel, Frontier has recently established three new road trip projects that involve learning about the culture of a country whilst on the road with volunteering.

Mixing adventure travel with conservation and community work, Frontier Partner Projects Manager, Paul Thompson, described how the projects would ‘certainly appeal to the more nomadic of volunteers’.

Image courtesy of Sri Lanka Road Trip

Sri Lanka Road Trip 4 weeks

Explore Sri Lanka’s unimaginable beauty as you travel down the island; get lost in its heady, tropical forests and discover its vibrant and welcoming communities. Start in the city of Kandy in central Sri Lanka, visit protected national park areas and learn about wildlife conservation. In your third week see historical monuments and explore Sri Lanka’s cultural history, before ending your trip on the Magu Gaga River in south-west Sri Lanka learning about sea turtle conservation and hatchery programmes.

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Image courtesy of India Road Trip

India Road Trip 4 weeks

An action packed road trip of India will see you visiting the famous Taj Mahal in north India, after an unforgettable city tour of capital New Delhi, and before trekking the foothills of the Himalayas. Go on to visit Rajasthan and bathe in the natural beauty of its lakes and waterfalls. End your trip with 10 days in Goa, a province in the south-west of India, and use your time to volunteer. Whether you’d like to volunteer in woman’s’ shelter, take part in a medical project, or try some environmental work, use your time to get a feel for Indian living, and spend your free time relaxing on Goa’s stunning beaches.

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Image courtesy of Frontier Cambodia

Cambodia Road Trip4 weeks

Contribute to a range of local NGOs and families as you take in this magical kingdom steeped in history and religious heritage. Start in the Oddar Meanchey province in northern Cambodia and become submersed in its unique rural lifestyle; explore bustling markets before going on to stay in a Buddhist temple alongside Cambodian monks. After a week volunteering in the north, discover central Cambodia, the majestic Angkor Wat temple, and learn more about the haunting Cheung Ek Killing Fields. Finish your road trip visiting the Ream National Park further south and in Cambodia tropical ocean waters.

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Image courtesy of Nepal Road Trip

Nepal Road Trip4 weeks

Nepal is definitely one of south Asia’s most vibrant countries with an infusion of India and Chinese cultures. Take part in Frontier’s Nepal Road trip and visit the historical capital Kathmandu, before trekking the Himalayan foothills and moving on to a volunteer project of your choice. Immerse yourself in Nepalese culture with the rewarding experience of community volunteers and check out the wildlife of the Royal Chitwan National Park. Get to know the Nepalese way of life by learning to cook traditional cuisine and taking park in yoga and meditation sessions, before you challenge yourself to explore the countries fantastic landscapes.

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So if that’s got you in the mood to hit the road, why not grab a couple of friends and see all Frontier’s opportunities for adventure travel or volunteering projects. The world is waiting!

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