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Bucket List: Charlie Outhwaite - Research Intern

Charlie Outhwaite is currently one of Frontier London HQ's Research and Development Interns. Here's her top 5 list of what to do in her lifetime! 

Image Courtesy of Iwpkommunikacio

1. Visit the Arctic and Antarctic.

After watching the amazing David Attenborough in BBC’s Frozen Planet I now really want to visit the poles.  With loads of great wildlife and an out of this world landscape who wouldn’t want to visit and surely you can’t go to one and not the other...

Likelihood rating: 6/10

Image Courtesy of Orin Zebest

2.  See a Pangolin in the wild.

After seeing an article on the Pangolin I would love to be able to see one of these rare species in the wild and hope to see them become less endangered in the future.

Likelihood rating:  8/10

Image Courtesy of volunteer Adam Brierley

South Africa Wildlife Conservation 

3.  Game Ranger on a Game Reserve in South Africa

Since I volunteered on a game reserve one summer I have kept a love for the savannah and its amazing wildlife with me.  I would love to be one of those people that know all there is to know about the wildlife over there.  I was so impressed by the level of knowledge the guides and rangers had of the park they worked in and I learnt so much while I was out there but there is so much more to learn!

Likelihood rating: 7/10

Image Courtesy of Dallas Krentzel

4.  Go to the Amazon

I really want to visit the Amazon rainforest; I am just working on not freaking out at the sight of giant insects.  I feel that could be an issue in the middle of the rainforest...

Likelihood rating: 5/10

Image Courtesy of Ella Ackland

Madagascar Marine Conservation and Diving 

5.  Learn to Scuba Dive

I have never been scuba diving before and I would really like to see some of the greatest underwater environments up close and personal.

Likelihood rating: 9/10

If you're inspired to get travelling, take a look at the various Volunteering and Adventure travel oppertunities with Frontier. 

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