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How to Write a Good Travel Blog

Everyone from time to time gets the urge to keep a diary but the idea often comes to nothing when the really exciting thing you did last week comes across as bland and uneventful when you try and convey it through words on a page. But don’t dismay, if you’re looking to keep a record of your latest adventure there are some tips to follow.

Image Courtesy of Ayesha Shafi - Nepal Himalyan Adventurer

1.  Don’t ramble – Don’t be tempted to try and fill out your blog with pointless words, if you can say what you’re trying to say in one sentence don’t use ten, you’ll only lose your readers’ attention.

2.  Pick out the unusual – We don’t need to know about every little part of your day–everyone goes on holiday – find the things that stand out as different about your experience. It’s also not always necessary to include everything that happened from the beginning, start where the interesting stuff begins.
3.  Look beyond the tourist areas – Talk to people, find the places and events that are away from the norm and you’ll find the most interesting stories that people won’t necessarily have read before.

4.  Take good photos – Even the best travel writing will still be lacking if there are no great images to accompany the words.

Image Courtesy of Rebecca Walters Photo Journal 
Nepal Journalism & Photography Internship

5.  Tell a story but have a point – Don’t just say everything with no reason, find the reasons and meaning behind what you’re experiencing.
6.  Read other travel writing – This will help you to know what works and what doesn’t, as well as allowing you to find the things that haven’t been done.

7.   Think about the words you use - Avoiding jargon will mean those reading your work will be able to understand it. Also be creative, think about different ways to explain sights and amounts rather than going for the clichés and give thought to your posts’ titles, they’ll be the way to attract readers.
8.   Make your blog easy to read – break up text with images and subtitles and use colours and fonts that can be easily read. Also keep your posts reasonably short unless everything you are saying is worth saying.

9.  Find your voice – a unique voice will make your blog stand out from all the others out there.

10.  Be committed – Finally don’t start a blog if you’re not going to update it regularly for your entire trip.

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