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Projects of the Week: Frontier Journalism Projects

For any aspiring journalist gaining experience is the name of the game, and choosing to gain this experience abroad and out of your comfort zone can be the perfect way to illustrate adaptability to future employees. The experience though doesn’t have to be career focused, and any internship abroad can be the perfect way to get behind the scenes of a culture and experience a lifestyle unseen by fleeting travellers. The inquisitive and research based nature of journalism however lends itself to anyone wanting to truly immerse themselves in a new community. While many of the projects give volunteers basic experience in print media, they can equally provide the opportunity to learn skills in production and online, helping train volunteers in more modern multimedia also. 

Image courtesy of Oliver Curson, Nepal Journalism intern

Nepal Journalism and photography Internship in Kathmandu from £995 for 4 weeks

Visit the heart of South Asia and learn your trade as a photographer and journalist in Kathmandu, Nepal’s bustling capital. Nepal offers a wealth of historic culture which is perfect material for this project which will have you working with a local tourist newspaper, promoting cultural attractions and events in the area, both online and in print. Exploring Nepal and completing your internship go  hand-in-hand on this project as part of your job requirement will be to immerse yourself within Kathmandu’s vibrant community.

Volunteer Review

‘As soon as I arrived in Kathmandu the hospitality of Bikram and the other staff made me feel comfortable, safe and welcome, and their readiness to help meant I didn't have to worry about anything. Working as an intern for the newspaper was a great way for me to gain an understanding of working as a journalist, and enabled me to identify with the country in a different way.’

Oliver Curson, Frontier Volunteer, April 2012

Image courtesy of Frontier Argentina Journalism Project

Argentina Journalism Internship in Buenos Aires from £1699 for 2 months

Work for a civil rights group to bring social injustices against human rights into the public eye through a wide range of media in one of the largest cities in South America. This internship is the perfect way to expand your skills in modern media as well as working in print and even helping coordinate protest events. A good level of Spanish is required to make the most out the project as you’ll be working alongside and learning directly from industry professionals.

Volunteer Review

‘The magazine I worked for covered a wide range of topics and I was lucky enough to work on several; getting to proof, research and even write some articles. My interests lay with culture, so I focused on art, theatre and other current events in Argentina. It was a brilliant experience that really boosted my confidence about writing and through it I met some amazing people.’

Anna Curb, Frontier Volunteer, February 2012

Image courtesy of Hannah Wardall, Fiji Journalism intern

Fiji Journalism from £1195 for 4 weeks

For anyone looking to get a start in print media this is the perfect internship that will have you working hands-on with the Fiji Sun in its capital, Suva. Situated on the exotic island of Vitu Levu you’ll experience the cultural hub and news centre of Fiji, whilst having easy access to Fiji’s remote tropical beaches in your spare time. Working on the newspaper you’ll have the chance to be trained in all aspects of a classic English newspaper, with a chance to specialise depending on your interests.

Volunteer Review

‘My article “Ng 100th game today” made it into the newspaper, as my first ever published article. On the 6th of July I photographed the Japanese Ambassador. All of this happened in the space of 3 days at work for the Fiji Sun, I am excited and optimistic to see what other great experiences I will have. The people here are so friendly and welcoming, I would highly recommend it!’

Kate Bowerman, Frontier Volunteer, July 2012

Frontier London HQ Staff and Interns, July 2012

London Conservation NGO Internship from £899 for 4 weeks

Find out the inner workings of a conservation NGO at Frontier’s very own London Headquarters, where you can choose to specialise in our Online Journalism and marketing division. You’ll pitch article ideas for our blog, Into The Wild, in weekly meetings and work closely with our small team to get the most of your journalistic experience. Work contributing to Frontier’s online presence and learn to use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in a professional capacity.

Volunteer Review

Frontier Headquarters in London was an amazing experience. I focused mainly on online journalism and marketing but also had the opportunity to help the operations team and even go on a Frontier event. When I first arrived they gave me the chance to get involved in any department depending on what I wanted to gain from the experience. I’ve met amazing people both in and out of the office.’

Dana B, Frontier Volunteer, July 2012

By Maria Sowter

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