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Summer 2012 Project Supply Drop

Off on a Frontier project this summer? We’re sending a Supply Drop full of all the things we know you’re going to miss while you’re out there. So get over to the Frontier Official Facebook page and vote for your project now!! Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family as the project with the most votes will win.

Are you heading out on a Frontier project this summer? Camp life can be tough to get used to what with all that hot weather, crystal clear waters, mind-blowing wildlife and fancy dress parties…But seriously, we know what it’s like to be properly away from home for the first time with a craving for Marmite and meaningless celebrity gossip, and that’s exactly why we’re sending out a Supply Drop full of much needed treats and home comforts to one of our projects.

So if you, a friend or a relative will be away with Frontier throughout July or August, then be sure to make your vote count. All you have to do is tell us which project you think should win in the comments section of the Supply Drop post on Frontier Official Facebook, and then ‘SHARE’ the post with your friends and family (selecting the Share Publicly option is best). The camp with the most votes will then receive a Supply Drop bulging with goodies on a mystery date during July/August!!

So get voting and good luck!!

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