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New Che diary published

The latest diary from serial t-shirt adornment Che Guevara has been unveiled in Cuba. The journal entitled ‘Diary of a Combatant’ is an account of the three-year guerrilla warfare campaign that ultimately lead to the usurping of Batista and the presidency of Fidel Castro.

Guevara’s widow Aleida March stated that she had the work published unedited in order that readers would be given an insight into who Che really was. The diary dates from 2nd December 1956 when his boat of rebels landed on Cuba to January 1st when Batista was overthrown.

Che met Castro in Mexico City in 1956 and joined his band of 82 revolutionaries that set off in small boats to bring down the dictatorship that was ruling over Cuba. Che was the first of the soldiers to be promoted to the rank of ‘commandante’ by Castro and after their successful coup held the positions of Minister of Industries and president of the central bank.

Memoirs and literature produced by Guevara have always been extremely popular. His account of the campaign in Bolivia where he ultimately met his demise has been a top seller ever since it was published in 1968, a year after his death.

The diary of his travels through South America in his formative years remains his most commercially successful work, made more prevalent due to the film adaptation starring Gael Garcia Bernal. It remains one of the best examples of travel writing and a must read for anyone heading to Latin America.

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