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How we do it in Costa Rica

See what Jemma had to say about her time on our Big Cats, Primates & Turtle Conservation Project:

"My first 4 weeks on the Frontier camp have been really awesome! I've actually really enjoyed the camp life here - when I arrived I was so surprised to find a working shower and toilet - I've been really grateful for those! There have been a couple of difficult aspects- like when the water turned off on camp - but generally I've just been having a good time. It's really nice having the other volunteers on camp because you get so close with everyone. It makes you feel like you have a really good base when you start to miss home.

The wildlife here has been so incredible! Every day you see troops of monkeys, lizards and all kinds of bugs and birds. Quite a few times there have even been monkeys going through the camp, which is so awesome because you really get to see them close up! It's crazy to think that every day I've been seeing all these endangered species as if it's the norm. The hikes have all been really good because you always see so much, even though sometimes they can tire you out a lot! Some of them are pretty tough going actually, especially in the tropical heat, but it's so worth it.

The staff are all so knowledgeable - it really enriches the experience of seeing the wildlife when you learn so much about it. They're also really supportive (even when I woke up Flora, our PI, in the middle of the night with a moth in my ear, she kept positive and was more than happy to help me out). Overall I feel like I've got so much out of my experience here, and although I'll be sad to leave, I'm so excited to tell all my friends and family about it back home!"

Thanks Jemma!

If you want to get yourself out to Costa Rica then why not find out more about the Project and get in touch!

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