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Fishing fallout in Japan

Fishing towns in Japan are under serious threat after the devastation of the recent earthquake/tsunami and the continued leaking of Fukushima power plant. As with the recent troubles in the Gulf after the BP spill the fishermen are extremely worried about the questions that will inevitably raised regarding the radiation pollution.

The Tsukjii Fish Market in Tokyo, the world's largest fish market in the world and responsible for a $5.5 billion a year turnover has seen a loss in buyers recently due to a lack of produce.

The market as well as the restaurants are suffering due to the lack of equipment since the disaster. Boats, docks, jetties, nets, tackle, farms, processing plants and the fishermen themselves are all gone. On the upside shark-fin soup may be off the menu for a while.

Japan's seafood export business, worth approximately $2.4 billion a year will undoubtedly take a dip as the importers put the fish under intense scrutiny and even move to buy seafood from New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Scotland instead.

Don't worry about your local sushi restaurant though as in reality most of their produce is more likely going to be coming from China, Chile or Thailand.

If you have ever thought about getting into some marine conservation yourself then why not get in touch.

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