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Shark and Ray  Alley

This was one of my first experiences in the water with both Nurse Sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) and (Dasyatidae) Rays. It was extraordinary to watch each species entwining between the next as though they were the same.

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Our trip to The Blue Hole

On Monday 26th me and Julia went with a local dive center on a trip to The Blue Hole which is a large submarine sinkhole 70 kilometres from the coast of Belize. This had been a dream for us both for a long long time, so it was cool to finally do it!

We had to meet at the dive center at 5.30am, so the day started really early. The boat left the dock at 6, and we had a two hour boat trip ahead of us. We were all very tired at the beginning and there was not much talking on the boat. That was until we finally reached The Blue Hole! Everybody got excited and we couldn't wait to get in the water!

The divemaster gave us a short briefing and suddenly, we were in the water. Because we were the first group there that day, the visability was very good (at least 40-50 metres) and that is 40-50 metres more than what I am used to back in Norway where it often feels like you are doing a night dive, even in the middle of the day.

We followed our dive master through these amazing limestone formations and it was so magical! We were all busy taking pictures of the incredible formations when the dive master suddenly turns toward us and points at a shadow far away and you could easily see the shape of a shark. The shark came closer and all of a sudden we were surrounded by 7 curious sharks!

Because this was a deep dive, we didn't get much bottom time and we only got to spend 25 minutes with our shark friends before we had to end the dive. When we got back up in the boat every one was just blown away of what we just experienced. It took a couple of minutes to take everything in.

The next dive was nearby an island called Half Moon Caye which I think is the closest to paradise you can get. Here, we dived on a large coral wall. There were a lot of fish and we even had a Nassau grouper following us the whole dive! There were also a lot of other groupers, snappers and even black durgeons. swimming around the beautiful corals. After this dive, we were dropped off at the paradise island, Half Moon Caye, to have our lunch and to visit the boobie bird lookout. We were served pasta, yellow rice, and chicken for the meat-eaters.

When we were done eating and looking at boobies (boobie birds of course, hehe), we were taken to a place called The Aquarium. You can wonder why it's called that until you get in the water and see that you are surrounded by all kinds of colourful fish in all sizes, just like in an aquarium! Also here we dived to a coral wall where there was a bunch of different fish. A sign of a healthy coral reef!

After the third and last dive it was time to head back to Caye Caulker. We were served nachos and fruit punch while we were writing down the dives in our log books. The day was over and we were all happy and satisfied. I am afraid that we've set the bar too high, because these dives will be hard to beat!

By Maren Halvorsen- Marine Conservation Volunteer

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