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September  Celebrations

September is one of the best times to come to Belize! It’s the tourism off-season, which means cheaper prices and a quieter island and it’s also the occasion to partake in the September celebrations.

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Belizian  Flavours

Belize is full of amazing things, food included. It's such a great part of travelling that we thought we'd let you in on some of Belize's best kept secrets. Here are our top 5 places to eat in Caye Caulker.

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Time  Flies

The thing with volunteering is, that it feels like you have just arrived but at the same time it feels like you have been at this place forever, which is a strange and beautiful feeling.

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Crocodile  Night

I enrolled for the marine conservation and diving programme to help the Belize Frontier Project. During my first weeks here I spent much of my time learning about corals, fishes and all the other creatures you can find on the reef of the marine reserve.

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When Trash  Floats

I spend my summers in Boston, MA on the beautiful Charles River as a kayak guide. I take camp groups, business trips, tourists, bachelorette parties, you name it, out to paddle and I love being on the water. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that there was a build-your-own raft race the week I arrived in Caye Caulker

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A Month in Caye Caulker Studying Manatees 

When I first told my dad I would be taking a gap year he said, “okay, but make sure you do something useful with your time,” so since I had recently decided to study zoology at university I decided to volunteer with Frontier as a manatee conservationist for a month.

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Settling into Caye Caulker 

Upon arrival in Belize I was nervous and didn't quite know what to expect. However, within just a few short hours of being here, I began seeing what Caye Caulker has to offer and caught a glimpse into the daily routines of the people here.

The motto here 'go slow' is really not an understatement. In contrast to the hectic cities and the fast pace that I have grown immune to, from where I live, I view the spontaneous attitude and the laid back lifestyle as something valuable - the people here live in the moment opposed to worrying about what tomorrow holds. Being an underdeveloped country, one can imagine that the island is no different, however the people here are so open and generous when it comes to welcoming guests into their home. This is something that I am not used to having lived in Germany for 5 years, where the people soley care about themselves and only look out for themselves. Of course, this cannot be said for all, but in comparison to life here, it can. The children here on Caye Caulker have also welcomed us and are constantly asking us to play with them.

Apart from the lifestyle and the generosity of the locals, the wildlife here is incredible. Just a walk down the main road, and you will see all sort of crabs. The diving goes without saying - it's incredible. The many colors of the fish underwater adds diversity and life to every dive. I have started learning about fish identification, and let me tell you, it is not easy identifying some of them underwater, especially not when you have to memorize around 100. All in all it has been an amazing experience so far - especially diving with sharks and rays. I can't wait to see what the next 6 months have to offer.

By Julia Radtke - Marine Conservation & Diving Volunteer

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