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The Importance of  Mangroves

It's easy to overlook the seemingly nondescript trees that often line the land found between the sea and the coastline. These trees don't grow fruits or nuts, nor are they ideal for shade or breeze but what they do have to offer far surpasses all of the above qualities.

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September  Celebrations

September is one of the best times to come to Belize! It’s the tourism off-season, which means cheaper prices and a quieter island and it’s also the occasion to partake in the September celebrations.

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Belizian  Flavours

Belize is full of amazing things, food included. It's such a great part of travelling that we thought we'd let you in on some of Belize's best kept secrets. Here are our top 5 places to eat in Caye Caulker.

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All My Favourite Bits Of  Belize

My favourite aspect about coming out here has been learning how to scuba dive...

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Time  Flies

The thing with volunteering is, that it feels like you have just arrived but at the same time it feels like you have been at this place forever, which is a strange and beautiful feeling.

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My last week in Belize

A week is not long enough! My week here began with perfect weather and hundreds of stars. We walked the nature trail and cleared a lot of the rubbish that had washed ashore along it then an afternoon swim at base.

Towards the end of our week here, we conducted a conch survey. We took a boat out to near shark alley and free dived for queen conchs along the transects, then recorded their lip width and length. It was an amazing experience!  You are forever seeing new fish, stingrays and even a barracuda everywhere! At base, we have a lot of residents; crabs and iguanas will come and say hello every evening. I’d recommend coming to Belize to everyone!

By Tom, volunteer

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