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The Hidden Evils of  Sunscreen

Sunscreen is killing our oceans little by little. Now this is not to say we shouldn’t protect our-selves from the sun’s harmful rays but we all need to be much more proactive and responsible in our use.

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Into The  Deep

When the prospect of coming to Belize to work with Frontier was first presented to me, it was the opportunity to learn to scuba dive that excited me most, as I’m sure is true for many others who come here. As a photojournalist, with my primary focus being on travel and wildlife photography, I need to be able to go wherever the story is.

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Vlog: David Soares - Diving has become second nature to me!

Check out David Soares's latest Vlog! David is a Conservation Apprentice at Belize, and here he tells about what he has been up to, and why he loves Belize! 

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