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Manatees came back for  Christmas!

As we were getting ready to celebrate Christmas here in Belize, we still continued our usual scientific activities with our volunteers. One of them consists in looking for manatees from the boat for our manatee database.

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A Belizean Christmas 

I’ve had an un-belizable time! We arrived to a heat I’ve never experienced before and were taken to the base by boat. As we travelled we got to see the most beautiful sunset. At camp we ate together and after having watched the shooting stars and experienced fire flies and plankton flashing around in the dark for the first time.

My first night in a hammock was surprisingly comfy! After breakfast and feeding the iguanas our left over’s, we went through presentations and went snorkelling for the first time around the waters by the base, we saw lion fish and rays. My second night in the hammock... not so comfy, I recommend a high sun-block! Then suddenly it was Christmas Eve, we went and did a beach clearance, tidying the trail and recording what sort of rubbish we found. I was pretty easily distracted by the mass of Hermit Crabs and geckos but we found loads of rubbish and the path looked loads better. In the evening we all watched a film and got back in our hammocks to wake up on Christmas day. It was my first ever Christmas away from home, and people say that’s the one you will always remember.. I won’t be forgetting this one in a hurry!

We went into town, and ate lovely local delicacies and then in the evening went out for drinks in the local bars. We had our Christmas hats and Belizean Christmas music surrounded by our new friends, and it really did feel like Christmas! On boxing day we went snorkelling at Shark Ray Alley, and it was probably my favourite day of the week! I’d never swam with sharks or rays before but it was AMAZING! The water was crystal clear and I saw so much wildlife! The next and final Frontier full day we did a Conch survey, snorkelling and diving down to measure them in the conservation zone. These are probably my favourite wildlife, with their little pink shells and googly snail eyes! Sadly, they also taste really good too! Belize has been amazing and my only regret is that we didn’t stay longer! 

By Olivia, Volunteer.

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