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Belizian  Flavours

Belize is full of amazing things, food included. It's such a great part of travelling that we thought we'd let you in on some of Belize's best kept secrets. Here are our top 5 places to eat in Caye Caulker.

Yummy Yummys

Looking for cheap, slightly suspicious yet tasty food, yummy yummy has you sorted. Their menu consists mainly of Chinese foods or burgers. Of which I can both recommend. The owner is lovely and even threw cheese at me once, if you are lucky enough you might get the same treatment.

Belizian Flavour

Belizian flavour is a place to go for good, exotic foods such as lion fish or whole lobster. Speaking of which Belizian Flavour introduced me to the fact my body isn’t a fan of shellfish and ruined my friendship with the local laundromat the next day, I still however would recommend their foods (stay clear of the lobster though).

Southside Pizza

Southside pizza serves fresh American style pizza in many variations along with a healthy serving of banter from their staff. Their rum punch is cheap and the food is good, the only downside would be the cost but if you can overcome the pain of parting with your hard earned cash you will have a great night there.

La Cubana

I spend a lot of time in the dingy restaurant known as la cubana. Its coffee is good and strong and its food full of character. The building is also full of characters, such as Johnathan the waiter. He’s a chill guy who likes to bake, or is it get baked? I can never remember.

Ice and Beans

It’s a Saturday and you just spent last night in sports bar.  You awake with a hangover and need a cure, luckily ice and beans is not too far away. Serving good quality doughnuts and Waffles along with heavenly iced coffees and smoothies nothing cures you of that pesky headache quicker than a stop at ice and beans.

That concludes my top 5 spots to stop and eat at on Caye Caulker, of course there are many more places than this to eat or drink at but I highly recommend all of these stops for any new volunteer coming out to Belize.

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