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Volunteer blog: Sarah Tubbs

4 weeks has gone by so quickly! It’s crazy how time can fly when you’re literally living in paradise! This week has been jam packed like all the rest; we’ve been to see the crocodile reserve on the North island and have been working with some of the students from the University of Belize. We have also been working with a man named Andrew who is volunteering with a local organization. We have been working with Andrew to clear the trail on the North Island which has proven itself to be hard work but has paid off!


Frontier with Andrew on a boat ride home with the Fisheries Department ranger.

All four of us volunteers have really enjoyed our last week and have been trying to get the most out of the project as we can, as well as make the most of the last few days of sun! We put in our all till our last night on camp where we made tortillas together for a big feast; it was delicious and now I know how to make what I would call the best guacamole on earth! All this hard work has left us shattered, so we decided that we would spend the last 3 nights of our time here in town so we can relax! So far in town we have done a night dive with was incredible! For the rest of our weekend we are planning a little shopping trip of all the local stores, a well-deserved massage at ‘The Split’ and a last supper where we can all reminisce about our time here.

By Sarah Tubbs, Marine Conservation Volunteer

Find out more about the Belize Marine Conservation & Diving project.

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